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Integrative Medicine | Nutrition + Gut Health | Metabolic Health | Skin + Beauty | Weight Management | Thyroid + Cardiovascular | Basic + Functional Lab Testing | Anti-Aging + much more!


Clinical Nutritionist

Naturopathic Doctor

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5 W Chestnut Ave. Merchantville NJ 08109 

Call 856-532-2063 to schedule appointments or discuss any questions you may have!

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Begin Your Real Health Journey with Naturopathic Doctor + Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Far

Why Choose

Dr. Far?

If you're tired of doctors who don't care or have time to discuss health concerns, Dr. Far is here for you. She investigates deeper than most doctors, uses lifestyle & natural medicine to restore health to optimal. She explores environmental toxins, stress, food science, genetics, mood and energy, sleep, gut health and much more! Even if you don't have a "health issue," a closer look can reveal underlying problems. Dr. Far always uses evidence-based research for guidelines

Easy Appointments

Dr. Far makes it easy for YOU to discuss your health strategies online and in person. With each visit, she commits 100% to well-researched wellness plans to help accomplish your goals and get you feeling your very best self!
Dr. Far's dedication is unparalleled. Her friendly, easy-going demeanor helps you feel utmost comfortable. She is happy to see all ages & sizes and redirects care as she sees fit.
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