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All rights reserved. No part of this course may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission in writing from the course creator 

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Any recent Naturopathic Medical School graduate (user/student) who individually purchases the course will have lifetime access to the course and course materials INCLUDING dripped content and incoming emails featuring new and/or updated content material

Account information like username and password should only be disclosed to the user/student only. Sharing login details or credentials with anyone else other than the user is STRICTLY prohibited. Individual accounts will be monitored closely. Any individuals suspected of or caught sharing login credentials will be immediately revoked access, and ultimately banned from enrolling in future NPLEX 2 courses. Suspicions of multiple login attempts will also be flagged as risks for account suspension

  1. Content Edits and Change

Although we try our absolute best to provide you the best and accurate information, there may be times when we may have to edit or update our course material. NPLEX 2 Masterclass has the right to interrupt, reschedule, or modify any content Offerings. We also have the right to change

  1. Student Responsibility

Although the NPLEX 2 Masterclass is committed to maximize student’s chances of performing and scoring well on the NABNE Core Clinical Licensing Boards Exam, it is solely the student’s responsibility to learn the course material to the best of his/her ability. NPLEX 2 Masterclass or Dr. Far is NOT responsible or liable for students who do not pass their board licensing exam. NPLEX 2 Masterclass does not guarantee passing the licensing board exam

  1. Refund Policy

Failure to score well or pass NABNE NPLEX 2 Licensing Boards will not automatically grant a student a refund

Student or user has exactly 7 days to request a full refund. However, refunds will not be guaranteed if:

  • There is any suspicion of fraud or dishonesty
  • A significant portion of the course has been consumed or downloaded by a student before the refund was requested.
  • Multiple refunds have been requested by a student for the same course.
  • Excessive refunds have been requested by a student.
  • Users who have their account reported, banned or course access disabled due to a violation of our Terms 
  • We do not grant refunds for any subscription services unless otherwise required by applicable law(please see below for more information). 

Refund requests after the 7 day period will be reviewed carefully upon case by case basis. If refund request is approved, up to 25% partial refund will be granted. Refunds may be requested via email: [email protected] with subject heading “NPLEX Refund Request.”

After refund, student user may no longer be eligible to purchase NPLEX 2 Masterclass course again. The course creator reserves the right to prevent any student(s) from enrolling in future NPLEX 2 Masterclass courses

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What Students Are Saying:

I remember taking the NPLEX Boards with Far. This was honestly my 3rd or 4th time taking the boards (more than I would like to admit). She told me this time I would pass no matter what. I could see that she was genuine and wanted everyone to succeed. She and I ended up studying together. She told me exactly which textbooks and websites to use, and which resources were a waste of time. We quizzed each other and made sure we held each other accountable. With her tips and advice, I had FINALLY passed my NPLEX 2 boards with FLYING colors! I couldn’t believe it. I am now a practicing Naturopathic Physician with almost a 6 figure job and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Jennifer S.

Far is such a motivator! I think after taking the NPLEX 2 board exam, you develop a good sense of questions that are tested. Far is all about efficiency and will have you remembering key words instead of extensive details that can get lost in your brain. You won’t be disappointed with her advice and knowledge. The info will actually stick with you!!

Natalie M.